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The Appointment:

This is my first professional massage. How should I prepare? What can I expect? 

We love introducing people to massage therapy!  The short answer is "Don't eat a lot beforehand, disclose all medical conditions, and expect your preferences (pressure, areas to focus on, areas to skip) to be respected."  The long answer:

(a) You will likely be most comfortable on a somewhat empty stomach (but don't arrive starving...have a snack!).  No need to shave or shower first.   

(b) Complete a health history digitally beforehand or upon arrival.


(c) The intake conversation is an opportunity to discuss specific concerns (e.g. lower back pain) and convey any areas that you wish to be omitted.  The therapist will advise which position to start in (face-up, face-down, or on your side) and then leave so that you may disrobe in privacy.  A wider range of techniques can be used if you disrobe completely;  However, I will accomodate any clothing level and have worked with clients who remained fully clothed.  Please remove jewelry (rings and stud earrings are ok).

(d) You will then get under the sheets before the therapist returns.  Sheets and towels will drape you throughout, exposing only the areas that are being massaged.  

(e) It is essential to communicate any discomfort as witholding feedback could result in injury. Massage doesn't need to hurt to be effective; Please don't "grin and bear it" if the pressure is too deep!  Many people choose to relax quietly but some prefer to chat a bit.  


(f) Your therapist will quietly let you know when the massage is over and leave the room.  Please rest and relax before slowly rising from the table to get dressed. 


(g) Did everything meet your needs?  Are there changes that could be made to improve your next massage? Feedback is encouraged at any time

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