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I would like to come in more frequently.  Are there promotions? 

Yes, some may be announced on this site or via Facebook, but the best ones are usually for email list subscribers.  

Suggestions to maximize your budget: 

 ~ Join the mailing list for subscriber-only offers.

 ~ Obtain a physician's prescription to eliminate tax (it really adds up when you come in frequently!).

 ~ Request gift certificates for showers and holidays. They are available starting from $25 and can be combined. 

 ~ Use your flexible spending account, if appropriate, (checks only, we can't process FSA cards) to save as much as 30% or more using pre-tax dollars! Check your plan and stay current with IRS rules; There are usually specific requirements for massage to be a qualified medical expense and your appointment may be clinically limited.  We have had clients use their FSAs with no problems.

 ~  Purchase a package to save up to 10%. 


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