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FAQs: General Information

What is your background and training?

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in practice since my certification at the California Healing Arts College in 1999.  After nine fulfilling years providing therapeutic massage to a discerning Los Angeles clientele, I relocated to Northeast Ohio with my husband in 2008.  Due to the lack of license reciprocity at that time, I completed an additional year of training prior to receiving my Ohio license and opening my practice in 2010.

Having developed a great fondness for pregnancy massage since first offering it in 2004, I expanded my initial prenatal training with certifications from nationally renowned experts Elaine Stillerman (MotherMassage®: Massage for Pregnancy), Carole Osborne (Pre and Peri-Natal Massage Therapy), and Claire Marie Miller (Fertility Massage)*. After my personal experience of deriving great benefit from massage during cancer treatment, I was also trained in both Western and Eastern-based Oncology Massage.


*I am no longer accepting new clients for fertility massage and am working to have my name removed from referring websites.  Please accept my apologies if you have been directed here by outdated information.   



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Besides your prenatal specialty, what sets your practice apart from the rest?

First, the pricing details:  One flat rate applies to all services.  Unlike most studios that charge extra for deep tissue, prenatal, or anything besides Swedish massage, there are no upgrade charges and no "add-on" charges for essential oils aka aromatherapy.  Furthermore, a one-hour massage is a full hands-on hour after the consultation is completed as opposed to the common practice of considering 50 minutes to be an "hour" massage.  Finally, although tipping is customary at other massage businesses, I have a rare no-tipping policy.  Compare: $70 (no tax if you have a prescription) for a thorough consultation and full-hour massage with optional lavender or other scented oil and hot towels on a heated table from an experienced specialist VS. $98 ($65 Swedish + $15 prenatal upgrade  + tax since many places don't tell clients that a prescription will save tax + $12 average 15% tip) for a 50-minute massage with unscented oil from someone with minimal experience.  I have been asked why my rate is comparatively low, especially given my background, and the answer is simple: Charging what I do and not accepting tips allows a greater number of people to access my care on a regular basis instead of only as a rare treat!

Next, I am told that my work beautifully integrates clinical skills with tranquility and relaxation.  Clients say that my appointments are more therapeutic than a "fluffy spa massage" yet more luxurious than a "medical" massage.  You won't be lying in a room full of anatomical charts! To enhance the serene studio, a heated table and hot towels are available for extra comfort, along with essential oils to scent the room or massage lotion.  

Most importantly, I take pride in being deeply responsive to specific therapeutic needs and genuinely adapting each massage to achieve client goals. I am committed to ensuring a careful and thorough intake assessment and am frequently commended for strong attention to detail.

I would like to refer my (spouse, friend, etc.).  Do you accept clients who aren't pregnant? Can I come back for massage after I deliver?

Yes, absolutely!  Prior to specializing, I worked with a general clientele for nine years.  All clients are warmly welcomed. I am always thrilled to see moms after delivery and to offer my services to non-pregnant family and friends.  I also have a special interest in low back and hip pain, shoulder issues, and massage for cancer patients (special rates for cancer patients and their caregivers!).

As requested, traditional (paper) general gift certificates are now available with my name only (not the business name nor pregnancy logo).  General instant online certificates will be available soon as well.

I would like to express my appreciation with a gratuity.  Do you really not accept tips?

First, I'm so glad that you wish to reward a fabulous experience!  Please do so by spreading the news as I rely on word-of-mouth (especially healthcare referrals... please mention me to your physician or midwife)!  Second, though I strive to make you feel pampered, I also view your appointment -- especially prenatal and oncology massage --  to be a component of your healthcare as opposed to a luxurious indulgence.  Promoting a tip-free office is consistent with that view and aligns your massage more with yoga, chiropractic care, and other activities you may choose for prevention and wellness maintenance.  A flat-rate no-tipping policy makes my rates extremely competitive therefore allowing you to come in more frequently.

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