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FAQs: General Information

What is your background and training?

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in practice since my certification at the California Healing Arts College in 1999.  


Following introductory prenatal training, I  advanced my skills with certifications from nationally renowned experts Elaine Stillerman (MotherMassage®: Massage for Pregnancy) and Carole Osborne (Pre and Peri-Natal Massage Therapy). After my personal experience of deriving great benefit from massage during cancer treatment, I was also trained in both Western and Eastern-based Oncology Massage.





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Besides your prenatal specialty, what sets your practice apart from the rest?

First, the pricing details:  One flat rate applies to all services.  Unlike most studios that charge extra for deep tissue, prenatal, or anything besides Swedish massage, there are no upgrade charges and no "add-on" charges for essential oils aka aromatherapy.  Furthermore, a one-hour massage is a full hands-on hour after the consultation is completed as opposed to the common practice of considering 50 minutes to be an "hour" massage.  


Next, I am told that my work beautifully integrates clinical skills with tranquility and relaxation.  Clients say that my appointments are more therapeutic than a "fluffy spa massage" yet more luxurious than a "medical" massage.  You won't be lying in a room full of anatomical charts! To enhance the serene studio, a heated table and hot towels are available for extra comfort, along with essential oils to scent the room or massage lotion.  


Most importantly, I take pride in being deeply responsive to specific therapeutic needs and genuinely adapting each massage to achieve client goals. I am committed to ensuring a careful and thorough intake assessment and am frequently commended for strong attention to detail.


I would like to refer my (spouse, friend, etc.).  Do you accept clients who aren't pregnant? 


Yes, absolutely!  I am always thrilled to see moms after delivery or schedule non-prenatal appointments by referral from clinicians or established  clients. I also have a special interest in low back and hip pain, shoulder issues, and massage for cancer patients (special rates for cancer patients and their caregivers!).



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